Space and Airborne Instruments

IR and Microwave Limb Sounders:

Motion Control, Rad-Hard Encoders, Mechanism Design, Actuator Design, Cryogenic Dewar Design

Earth Observing Telescopes:

Optics, Image Sensors and Focal Plane Arrays, Motion Control, Mechanism Design, Actuator Design

Inertial Reference Transfer Unit:

Motion Control, Mechanism Design, Fiber Optic Gyros

Laser Range Finder:

DPSS Lasers, Optics

Head Up Display (Commercial):


Inspection and Metrology

Laser Radar based Coordinate Metrology:

Motion Control, Optics, Detectors, Sources, Fiber, Cameras, Thermal Control, Calibration and Compensation Methods, Computer and/or Machine Vision

Runway Optical Inspection Systems:


Shortwave Infrared Spectrometer:

Optics, Focal Plane Arrays, Sources, Calibration Methods

Thermal Infrared Camera Test Station:

Optics, Focal Plane Arrays, Thermal Control

Semiconductor Capital Equipment


Motion Control (for CMOS-Semi), Mechanism Design, Optics (for Flat Panel Display)

Packaging, Inspection, Debug:

Motion Control, Mechanism Design, Actuator Design, Camera Systems, Focal Plane Array Design, Hi-res Optics, Calibration and Compensation Methods and Models, Computer and/or Machine Vision

Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial Systems

3D Video:

Motion Control, Optics

Wearable Electronics:

Cameras, Sensors, Wireless

Fusion Camera:

Optics, Cameras, Calibration and Compensation Methods and Models, Computer and/or Machine Vision

Illumination/Lighting Modules:

Sources, Optics, Compensation Methods and Models

Scientific Instruments

Far Sensor for Fourier Transform Infrared Spec:

Cryogenics, Detectors, Optics

Cryogenic Dewar Assemblies:


Tip-Tilt Test Mirror Assemblies:

Cryogenics, Motion Control, Sensors