Vision Optronix

Automation World
March 2024 Automation World featured our recent project, a Wrinkle Detection Vision System [PDF].


Embedded Vision and Motion Systems Development

From design and prototyping to production, Vision Optronix can help bring your ideas to reality, whether New Product Development, Prototyping and Process Discovery, or exploring cost, schedule, and/or other Program Management issues. We work with our clients to solve a wide range of challenges, from “tough spec” to simpler “build to budget" or "spec to market” products.


Program Management, Product Development, and Component/Subsystem Selection Services

Vision Optronix collaborates with you to develop programs that are tailored to your end-goals, providing an efficient, transparent development process. (Even the smallest jobs require a simple plan.) If you are focused on product development, we can ensure that the design process and component selection will lead to outcomes that fit your market needs based on volume, performance, and target costs.

Due to our long history in the business, we’ve developed knowledge of the state-of-the art; what exists at which specs (e.g., cost, performance) and what might need to be custom designed [this is a price and schedule driver – suitable path for programs and products with some stressing specification (cost, size, power, weight, sensor resolution and accuracy, etc.)]. Call on us even for your smallest needs – we’ve sourced difficult to find systems, sub-assemblies, and components and helped to define system requirements (and specifications) based on our customers’ applications and needs. Because we know what’s out there – and we know the science and engineering, we can help you make the trade-offs to optimize your outcomes.



Design, Prototyping, and Integration Services

Vision Optronix can help you develop and implement your design. Whether you need to explore what’s possible for a new or existing product or process or have a solid vision for what you’d like designed, we can work with you to bring your ideas to reality.

Due to our long history in the business, we understand how to design to market and budget requirements. Today, the performance attainable at a given price is higher than ever. This allows us to focus on integrating system elements and applying machine intelligence and algorithms to tailor and optimize system performance. We can work to make the key decisions that will drive product and program success.